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P-Card Frequently Asked Questions

The merchant says they will have to charge sales tax even though I told them Boise State is tax-exempt.

Boise State  P-Cards are imprinted with the following notation on the top of the card: State of Idaho Tax Exempt (Sales Tax Exemption number is 000012415-S)

Charges to P-Card are directly billed to Boise State and therefore paid by a state agency and exempt from Idaho sales and use tax. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to request sales tax exemption at point of sale, and to provide the vendor with the ST-101 form (Sales Tax Exemption form) if required. Contact the University P-Card Administrator if the form is required by a vendor.

We'd like to buy a gift for an employee who's leaving our department, Can we use P-Card?

Yes. Please review the information at How Do I? page for information about procuring and paying for gifts, awards and incentives.

The merchant says the bank declined my P-Card? What do I do?

Check your P-Card online account (CCER). It includes a ‘View Declines’ tab available to cardholders. Check this tab weekly to be sure your transactions are posting throughout the month. When a transaction is declined it is most often related to incorrect entry of expiration date.  Check the expiration date on your card carefully! Two other issues most often at fault are:

  1. Blocked Merchant Category Code (MCC)
  2. Insufficient funds

To remedy either of the above, Submit a P-Card Request  Note: Your department must authorize the unblock or limit increase, and Procurement and Vendor Services must approve.

Learn more about possible reasons your card was declined on the P-Card Cardholder Responsibility presentation.

I have a charge on my P-Card Statement that I don’t believe I authorized. What should I do?

If you have a charge on your P-Card statement you didn’t authorize contact University P-card Administrator.
If a merchant will not credit a charge or charges the wrong amount, the cardholder needs to contact the merchant directly for resolution. If the cardholder is unable to resolve the issue contact the University P-Card Administrator for assistance.

I don't have a receipt for a charge I authorized on my P-Card. What do I do?

The cardholder must contact the merchant and ask for a duplicate receipt to be faxed directly to the cardholder/cardholder’s department. In the rare case where this is not possible, the cardholder must document what was purchased including – the business purpose, amount of transaction – and sign a statement that the receipt is unobtainable due to whatever reason supplied by the merchant. Attach any packing material supplied with the purchase (e.g. packing list, printable internet page detailing purchasing) as well. Note: Cardholders who are missing receipts may have their P-Card temporarily or permanently terminated, as this would be considered a violation of P-Card Policy.

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