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Submit P-Card Request

Please Submit a P-Card Request (Smartsheet form) for any of the following:

  • P-Card Application
  • Card Limit Change or Blocked Merchant Payment
  • Card Maintenance Request: Replacement card due to damage or name change, card closure, update card default accounting string, Cash advance for business travel or emergency
  • Designate a Works P-Card Role: Approver, Reconciler, Scoped Accountant, Authorization of Expense Delegation, Department Card Manager & Reconciler

Simply enter your name & email as the requester (anyone may submit a request) and select the Type of Request. Smartsheet will guide you through your submission, gather all necessary information and obtain approval from your department via Smartsheet automated alerts. Automated alerts also keep you informed of the status of your request or view the status at any time via the UFS Tracker.

Internal P-Card Forms for Department Use

P-Card Non-Compliance Warning Form (rev 9/2019)

P-Card Missing Receipt Affidavit (rev 1/2018)

Event Expense Summary (rev 9/2017)