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P-Card and Travel

Regulated by university Travel Policy #6180)

Please check with your department regarding travel and use of P-Card before incurring travel expense. Some departments/colleges have assigned staff responsible for booking travel accommodations while other areas allow individual cardholders to book their own travel.

Travel Authorization

An approved travel authorization must be in place before travel expense is booked authorizing the expenditure by your area’s management. University travel expense must be reviewed by Travel Services upon conclusion of business travel.

  • Forward copies of travel expense P-Card receipts clearly marked as “Prepaid P-card” to Travel Services with Travel Expense Report and any other required documentation.
  • If all expense related to business travel is paid with P-Card and no reimbursements are necessary, forward copies of P-Card receipts with a copy of the Travel Authorization form to Travel Services.

Authorized Expenses

The following expense is authorized for payment via P-Card with an approved travel authorization:

  • Conference registration.
  • Lodging (room & tax only). P-Card cannot be used for personal meals, snacks or incidental expense (i.e. hotel movie rental or other personal hotel services).
  • Airfare from Boise to business destination with return to Boise and associated baggage fee.
  • Rental car if necessary for business (includes fuel, tolls, and parking for rental car).
  • Ground transportation (airport to/from home or airport to/from hotel).
  • Parking fees related to travel (i.e. payment of parking fee for personal vehicle at airport).
  • Student event fees and meals related to field trip (P-Card may be used for meal expense for all attendees).

Meals, snacks and incidental travel expense must be paid with personal funds and reimbursement sought via per diem (daily allowance based on destination). Check with for information on per diem reimbursement.


Travelers are expected to book the lowest cost economy class airfare consistent with business requirements. First class and business class upgrades are not an allowable expense. However, coach or economy class upgrades or seating charges (i.e. Southwest Airline’s “Early Bird Check In” or United’s “Economy Plus”) are allowable if approved by department.

  • Flight itinerary must correspond to event dates. The dates of the conference or meeting and one travel day before and after is acceptable.
  • If airfare itinerary includes personal days, use personal funds for airfare purchase and seek reimbursement for the business travel expense portion of the flight. Provide a comparison itinerary (cost of trip without additional days or flight legs) along with original receipt to Travel Services for reimbursement upon return. Check with for information regarding airfare reimbursement.

Student field trip travel expense

Student field trip travel expense is allowed on P-Card with an approved travel authorization (online or offline). Expense authorized for employee business travel is also allowed for student field trip along with the following:

  • Student event fees and meals related to field trip.

Employees traveling with students are generally not eligible for per diem unless they do not participate in group meals. Check with for information on per diem reimbursement.

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