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Meals & Refreshment Rates – Policy #6240

Maximum Allowable Per Person Meal Expense Chargeable by Fund Source
Appropriated & GrantLocal (150% of Federal Rate for Idaho)PR Funds (250% of Federal Rate of state* )
Breakfast (or Refreshments) -25%$12.25$17.25$28.75
Lunch – 35%$17.15$24.15$40.25
Dinner – 55%$26.95$37.95$63.25
Full Day$49$69$115
*For PR meals out of state, the federal rate for meals from the GSA website may be used upon approval of the PR account owner.

Payment or reimbursement for a buffet meal cannot exceed the applicable meal rate associated with the type of buffet, i.e., breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Reimbursement for a brunch may be made using the lunch rate.

The maximum per-person expenditures listed above include the cost of the food and non-alcoholic beverages, labor, sales tax, delivery charges, tips, and other service fees. If a reception before a meal includes beverages and hors d’oeuvres, the combined charges for the reception and the meal should be treated as a single event for purposes of calculating per person costs.

The costs of room rental, room setup fees, media rental, and decorations, etc., are not included in the per-person costs unless those costs cannot be separated by the vendor.

State Mileage Rate

During business travel and using personal vehicles, the state mileage rate is 57.5 cents per mile.

Travel Forms

Event Expense SummaryUse this form in conjunction with meals, refreshments, and alcohol expenses.
Mileage LogUse this form to keep track of monthly mileage for reimbursement.
Per Diem CalculatorUse this form to calculate per diem. Attach to expense reports for travel greater than 2 days in duration.
Retreat RequestComplete and attach this form for reimbursement of expenses for an approved retreat.
Travel AuthorizationComplete and attach this form for travel-related reimbursement of expenses.

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