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Birth Control and Condoms

Birth control can be used to prevent pregnancy. It may also regulate and lighten periods, and ease period symptoms. There are many different types of birth control available, and there are many things to consider when deciding which option is right for you!

Some methods can also prevent sexually transmitted infections! To effectively prevent sexually transmitted infections, choose abstinence or barrier methods (ex: condoms or a dental dam).

Learn more about available birth control options

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Birth Control Methods and Options

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Safer Sex Supplies

Safer sex supplies are available for free in Norco Building, Room 115

  • external condoms
  • internal condoms
  • dental dams

Learn how to put on a condom

Need condoms for your student group or Fraternity/Sorority chapter?
Bulk supplies can be provided by request. Contact us at

Want condoms delivered to your door?

Get 20 condoms and 10 packs of lubricant discreetly delivered straight to your door! Orders can be placed twice a month.Order here!

Note: Orders can take several weeks to be delivered. You are welcome to stop by our office and pick up supplies while you wait for your order to arrive!


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Sexually transmitted infections