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YouTube Wellness Spotlights

Peer Education Team

Check out our Spotlight videos!

Spotlights are a snapshot of different health and wellness topics handpicked and created by our Peer Health Education Team!  Spotlights are FOR students, BY students! 

Spotlight Topics

Recognizing Domestic Violence

Join Lainey!

Recognizing Disordered Eating

Join Sydney!

Rethinking Stress

Join Madison!


Join Hannah!

Navigating Graduate School Applications

Join Elisa!

Greek Life During a Pandemic

Join Shelby!

Caffeine Consumption

Join Elisa!

Sleep and Alcohol

Join Anita!

Bike Safety

Join Jared!

Nutrition on Campus

Join Natalie!

Slope Safety

Join Sareya!

Healthy Eating

Join Sammy!

LGBTQI+ Inclusive Healthcare

Join Hannah!


Join Liz!


Join Sara!

Alcohol and College Culture

Join Hannah!


Join Kendra!

Music and Mental Health

Join Lainey!

Birth Control Options

Join Liz!

Finding your Passion

Join Shelby!

Healthy Relationships and Consent

Join Hannah!

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