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Join Our Team!

We’re now accepting applications for our internship program! The deadline is April 10th.

The Writing Center hires interns for work beginning in the fall. We look for individuals who are civic-minded, who are thoughtful listeners, and who have a passion for working alongside their peers. We also actively seek applicants who represent traditionally underrepresented groups and/or who are multilingual.

You do not have to be a writing major to work with us. In fact, our service to a growing Boise State population requires the expertise of every discipline of study. If you are willing to learn and grow with us as we work to support all writers, we’d love for you to apply!

The Hiring Process

To become a Writing Center Consultant, undergraduate and graduate students are required to go through a multi-layered hiring process.

Applicants must:

  • Complete the internship application.
  • The application asks you to also submit a research-based writing sample of about 5-15 pages that is written in either APA, MLA, or Chicago style.
  • The application also asks you to submit a Statement of Interest, which should address the following prompt in no more than 500 words: Why are you interested in this internship, and how might you envision your life and educational goals connecting to an internship as a writing consultant? Additionally, please describe any experiences you have that you feel are relevant for working in the Writing Center.
  • Interview with one of the Center’s consultants (in-person or over Zoom).
  • Interview with the Director of the Center (in-person or over Zoom).

Undergraduate Interns:

Undergraduate interns are required to complete a 1-credit internship:

  • 45 hours of on-the-job training in the Writing Center, which includes:
    • observing veteran consultants in action and discussing successful strategies with them
    • applying writing center pedagogical principles when working with writers
    • being mentored in a professional setting by student-centered faculty
  • Upon successful completion of the internship and WRITE 303, there are opportunities to become paid student employees with flexible schedules.

Graduate applicants:

  • Must submit all applications materials (longer writing samples are welcome)
  • Upon selection, enroll in WRITE 503: Writing Center Pedagogy and Administration
    • In addition to learning the concepts presented in WRITE 303: The Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing, graduate students meet weekly with the Director to discuss scholarship pertaining to higher education leadership, mentorship, and writing center administration.

Preparing to Work in the Writing Center

In the fall semester, undergraduates and graduates take WRITE 303/503: The Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing, taught by the Writing Center Director.

The course is reading and writing-intensive, and it’s held in a discussion-based format. We cover the following topics and more:

  • writing center pedagogy and theories related to the one-to-one teaching of writing
  • language acquisition theories and best practices to support multilingual writers
  • foundational rhetorical theory
  • genre theory and writing in the disciplines
  • cognitive learning theories
  • Universal Design for Learning and inclusive learning practices
  • rhetorical grammar

Once hired...

You will be integrated into our community and your work at the Center will only continue to develop and grow as you do.

There are plenty of opportunities!

  • Present at regional, national, and international conferences with your own research
  • Present research through professional development opportunities
  • Develop new skills, such as: website design, social media usage, document design, workplace development, or any skill you’re hoping to cultivate.

If you have a desire to learn something new, our environment will help you achieve those goals!