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The Writing Center is offering online consultations for summer! We offer three options: quick question, spotlight review, and full review.

Online Consultations

Online consultations allow you to be able to get feedback on your writing even if you’re not on campus! There are three types of online consultations designed to meet your needs.

Quick Question:

Do you have a simple question about MLA, APA, or Chicago style? Checking your in-text citations? Quick questions are a great way to ask for help without having to come in, although you’re more than welcome to drop by with quick questions, too!

Ask a Quick Question

Spotlight Review:

A spotlight review is a request for a writing consultant to look at a particular section or theme in your paper.

For example: reviewing your conclusion only, making sure your citations are in the correct format, reviewing the strength of your thesis, or noting whether or not the structure of your paper meets the assignment requirements.

This is an awesome option if you know exactly which area you want feedback on.

Request a Spotlight Review

Full Review:

In a full review, a consultant will provide multiple suggestions for your writing. For example, they can focus their response on topics like the clarification of thesis, organization, and citations.

This is a great option if you have more than one area you would like help with, have more time for revision, or if you are unsure of what you would like to revise.

Request a Full Review