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This summer we’re offering real-time Zoom consultations and asynchronous online appointments. Watch this short video to learn more about the Writing Center’s services.

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Consultation Options

You can make an appointment for a real-time consultation over Zoom or an asynchronous online consultation using our scheduling platform, WCOnline. If you’d like to make an appointment, please watch a quick video on how to schedule an appointment with the Writing Center.

Two appointment options available
When booking an appointment, select what type of appointment you would like. Options are available for real-time zoom or asynchronous consultations.

Real-time Zoom Consultation

In place of in-person consultations this year, the Writing Center is offering real-time Zoom consultations where you’ll meet directly with a writing consultant to receive feedback on your writing project. Through an interactive, collaborative conversation, a professional writing consultant will read through your project, ask and answer questions, connect you with resources, and help you structure a path forward for your project. 

For writing under six pages, a 30-minute consultation is usually enough time. If you’re working on a longer project, please consider scheduling a 60-minute appointment.

Schedule an appointment now! 

Asynchronous Online Consultation

The Writing Center is also offers written feedback through an asynchronous online consultation. This means that a professional writing consultant will read your project and offer specific written comments in the margins of the document you submit. The comments will address your questions and other observations the consultant has that will help you move forward with your project.

For this option, you do not need to be present to receive feedback. Instead, you’ll receive an email with your written feedback at the end of your appointment.

For this option, please schedule a 60-minute consultation.

Schedule an appointment now! 

Quick Question

You can also connect with the Writing Center by asking a quick question through email. Quick questions are a great way to ask for help without having to submit a draft of your work or meet directly with a writing consultant through Zoom. If you have a simple question about MLA, APA, or Chicago style or need a quick review of a citation, this is a great option for you.

You can ask a quick question by sending a direct email to the Writing Center: