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Academic Success Resources (ACAD)

Invest In Your Academic Skills

Students reading a textbook and writing notes down.

ACADEMIC (ACAD) Courses for Student Success focus on the most important skills and resources to help you be a better college student.

How to Register

Register by visiting to access your Student Center and search courses by the subject Academic.

ACAD 101: Academic Success Topics

These special topic courses focus on the development of academic skills, attitudes, and habits necessary for college success. Selected topics may include the transition to university life for specific groups of students (such as veterans, athletes, international students, high-school students, and non-traditional students), exploration of campus resources and opportunities, time management, and basic study skills. Courses (but not topics) may be repeated for up to five total credits.

ACAD 102 : Academic Recovery and Success

Most students experience academic setbacks at some point. This three-credit course helps students make satisfactory academic progress in their current courses by examining the behaviors, habits, and mindset associated with academic success. Students will focus on goal setting, motivation, academic skill building, and time management skills needed to achieve their educational and personal goals.

ACAD 109: Major Exploration

This course is designed to assist undeclared or exploring students in deciding on a college major.  Students will utilize assessments and exercises to examine their personalities, values, interests, strengths, and goals, and use self-knowledge to identify potential majors.  Students will also learn how academic majors translate into careers and how to research career options.

ACAD 110: Bronco Ready

*Free, voluntary course only eligible for credit to first semester Boise State students.

An introduction to Boise State as a learner. Primary objectives are to inform and share awareness to first-semester students about success tips, tools, and services that enhance their transition, social integration, and academic persistence.  Emphasis of the course is on students understanding the Boise State campus and culture, becoming familiar with Canvas navigation, and developing skills and competencies to be stronger, more successful students in their first year and beyond.