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Bronco Ready

You may be ready for college, but Are You Bronco Ready?

Students at orientation holding Bronco Ready flyers

All new Boise State students are invited to participate in our online resource called Bronco Ready. This course is designed to address common questions and connect you to the people, programs, and services that will support your success and transition into Boise State. Students are encouraged to complete tasks, attend events, review content, and earn points! Complete 1,300 points and accompanying requirements and earn one FREE elective credit!

Bronco Ready topics include:

  • Explore Your Degree
  • Earn Good Grades
  • Know Your Faculty 101
  • Make the Transition
  • Get Involved
  • Prepare for a Career
  • Manage Money Matter
  • Find Health and Safety Support
  • Parking, Navigating, and Living on Campus
  • and more!

For a complete list of all Bronco Ready engagement opportunities for Fall 2020, please review the assignment list.

Bronco Ready engagement opportunities 

How to Access Bronco Ready:

All first semester students gain access through their Blackboard after attending New Student Orientation. Be sure to check your Boise State email for access notification. 

How students log in to Blackboard

  • Login to My.BoiseState
  • Click on “Blackboard” listed under Services.
  • Look for “My Courses” column on the right side of your Blackboard home page.
  • Click on Bronco Ready 2020.
  • The “Start” page will explain next steps! Explore and have fun with it!

The best part? It’s impossible to fail!

You are only enrolled for the credit upon successful completion of the course. There is no penalty for or record of non-completion. It is important to know that this course is not associated with financial aid and is non-weight bearing for full-time eligibility.