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Bronco Ready

How to Become Bronco Ready

Become Bronco Ready Flyer

All new Boise State students are invited to participate in our online course called Bronco Ready. This course is designed to address common questions and connect you to the people, programs, and services that will support your success and transition into Boise State.

Students will complete different assignments within the course modules to gain knowledge about college academics and college life topics! Upon completing all assignments, students earn one FREE elective credit! Grading is based on a complete or incomplete scale.

Bronco Ready Topics Include:

  • Making the Transition to College
  • Being a Bronco
  • Get Involved
  • Time Management
  • Prepare for a Career
  • Academic Support
  • Health and Safety Support
  • and more!

Student Lingo

Throughout Bronco Ready, Student Lingo is utilized to provide interactive learning modules. Boise State students have access to Student Lingo which is designed to explore several aspects of being a successful student. These modules help you reflect more about your experiences, provide insights to areas that can be challenging, and give awesome advice, tips, and tricks to help you throughout your time at Boise State. Visit the Boise State Student Lingo page, create an account, and begin advancing toward your academic goals.

How to Access Bronco Ready

All first semester students gain access through their Canvas after attending New Student Orientation. Invitiations will be sent August 1st, 2023. Be sure to check your Boise State email for access notification.

How Students Log-in to Canvas:

  • Log into myBoiseState
  • Click on “Canvas” listed under Services.
  • Look for “My Courses” column on the right side of your Canvas home page.
  • Click on Bronco Ready Fall 2023.
  • The “Start” page will explain next steps! Explore and have fun with it!

The Best Part? It’s Impossible to Fail!

You are only enrolled for the credit upon successful completion of the course. There is no penalty on your academic record for non-completion. It is important to know that this course is not associated with financial aid and is non-weight bearing for full-time eligibility. This course is completely optional for students, but is a highly encouraged resource for students to engage with.

The only time this course can be completed by students is if they are in their current first-semester at Boise State. If a student does not complete the course during their first semester, it will not be available for completion the following semester or after the first 10-week deadline.