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Degree Tracker

Your Path To Graduation Starts Here

A wide shot of a commencement ceremony.

Boise State students can use Degree Tracker to map their entire academic path, from day one to graduation.

Why use Degree Tracker?

  • Create a custom academic plan that fits your needs and timeline.
  • Smart Planner is pre-set to a four-year plan (15 credits per semester).
  • Add or remove semesters (including summer) to your plan.
  • Drag and drop your classes into the semesters that work best for you.
  • Degree Tracker accounts for transfer credits, AP scores, and other test credits.
  • Enroll in the exact courses you need and when you need them.

Other Benefits of Using Degree Tracker

  • With course planning simplified, you can spend more time with your advisor talking about other important topics, like internships, career exploration, graduate school, and career options.
  • You can run a “what-if” Degree Tracker report to preview your academic plan if you were to change your major.
  • Degree Tracker gives you real-time access to your academic plan.

How to Access and use Degree Tracker – Screenshots

To access and use Degree Tracker, visit here for screenshots and instructions.