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Starting Your First Semester

Getting Around at Boise State

Need help getting around and finding your classes? It is always recommended that you take a tour around campus before classes start to familiarize yourself with where the buildings are and the time it takes to get to where you are going.

3D Interactive Map

To help you, here is a 3D interactive map that will allow you to view every part of the university!

Boise State campus map
Select image to open the Boise State map with shuttle tracker in a new window.

Learning Assistants and Tutoring

Boise State offers in-person tutoring and learning assistant sessions as well as online tutoring for a variety of subjects. These are amazing resources to use when navigating your first semester and they are designed to help students with some of the most difficult courses out there. Click here to check out what they have to offer and to sign up!

Academic Coaching and Development

Entering into a new semester means there are new challenges that we are faced with but with every challenge there are ways to overcome them. We have a team of professional staff who are here to support you in your academic goals and are trained to offer a variety of strategies to approach academic challenges.  If you are interested in this amazing opportunity to meet one-on-one with our staff, click here to schedule an appointment.

Important Information to Know

As you prepare for the first-semester, it is a necessity to know how you can add, drop, and withdraw from classes. Please follow the buttons below to learn more! It is also important to keep track of academic deadlines should you need to add, drop, or withdraw classes. For more information, visit Academic Calendar Dates and Deadlines.

  • It is important that you consult with your advisor to ensure you are adding the appropriate classes needed for the upcoming semester.
  • You may continue to add classes after the first day of classroom instruction up until the last date to register or waitlist without a permission number as listed on the semester academic calendar.
  • Dropping a class is a simple process and can be done before the tenth day of the semester.
  • If a regular-session class after the tenth day of the semester is dropped, the class grade will show up on your transcript as a W (withdrawal). Grades of W will not be used in GPA calculation.
  • Students may accrue up to ten (10) withdrawals for a baccalaureate degree and up to five (5) for an associate degree. Any “W’s” received in an associate degree program count toward the 10 allowed for the baccalaureate degree program.

Add/Drop a Class   Withdraw From a Class

Financial Aid

Need to be connected to Financial Aid before the semester starts? Please visit Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines.