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Jenna Kline, 2023 Innovation Award Finalist

Building a Sales Club from the Ground Up at Boise State by Jenna Kline

Jenna Kline, a Marketing student at Boise State, recognized the need for a sales club on campus and took it upon herself to create one. In just one year, Kline built a valuable resource for students, providing opportunities for them to travel and compete in sales competitions, gain insights from various companies, and secure internships.

Under Kline’s leadership, students have traveled to other universities, including Portland and Chico State, where they have excelled in sales competitions and demonstrated life-long skills they have learned through the club.

Kline’s vision for the sales club was to provide students an opportunity to connect with the corporate pipeline at Boise State, and the club has done just that. Students have been able to talk to potential employers throughout the community, gaining valuable insights and securing internships. Her innovative approach to building the sales club at Boise State has been a game-changer for students. Kline’s dedication and hard work have resulted in a valuable resource for students to learn, grow, and succeed in the business world.

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