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Mustafa Hakeem, 2023 Innovation Award Winner

Mustafa Hakeem
Boise State Student

Mustafa Hakeem’s Revival of Boise State’s Business Professionals of America

Mustafa Hakeem, an honors student in Business at Boise State University, revived the Business Professionals of America (BPA) club after it had been inactive since 2019 due to a lack of leadership. Hakeem saw the potential in the club, one of the only business clubs at Boise State with national recognition, and worked tirelessly to resurrect it. Through his leadership skills and dedication, Hakeem was able to bring in passionate members and secure funding for the club’s activities, ultimately leading to its success.

When Hakeem saw that the BPA club was inactive, he recognized an opportunity to build something great. He saw that the club had the potential to offer students the opportunity to develop professional skills, network with business professionals, and participate in national competitions. With a passion for business and leadership, Hakeem saw the potential of the club and made it his mission to bring it back to life.

Hakeem knew that having a passionate advisor was key to the success of the club. He was able to seek out Professor Alex Ritzman, Department of Management, who had previously advised for BPA at another school. Ritzman had not heard of the club at Boise State, but Hakeem’s enthusiasm for the club convinced him to come on board as the advisor. Ritzman’s experience in advising BPA clubs proved invaluable to the club’s success.

Hakeem spent countless hours hosting meetings and attracting members to the club. His hard work paid off as the club gained and sustained 12 new members in the first year of being active. Hakeem’s exceptional presentation and sales skills were instrumental in securing full club funding in multiple grant hearings from the Associated Students of Boise State University board on campus.

Through Hakeem’s leadership and dedication, the BPA club achieved great success. In its first year of being active, the club participated in the National Conference in Anaheim. The club established a strong foundation for future success, with plans to continue growing and offering opportunities for students to develop their professional skills.

Hakeem’s leadership and dedication to the club demonstrates the power of student innovation and initiative and the impact that one person can have in building something great. By identifying the need, finding the right advisor, and building a strong foundation, Hakeem brought the club back to life and offered opportunities for students to develop their professional skills. Hakeem’s passion and hard work make him a Boise State Innovator and an inspiration to students who want to make a difference on campus.

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