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SBOE Program Change Process

State Board of Education Program Change Process

Three Year Planning

Vice Provost for Academic Planning submits a list of potential new programs to SBOE each spring. Contact the Vice Provost for Academic Planning for details.

Degree Program or Graduate Certificate changes



Consult with College Dean and Graduate Dean as applicable.


Develop a funding strategy with the Dean

Develop a funding strategy with the Dean, if new funding is needed. When funding is identified, consult with the Vice Provost of Academic Planning to start the Idaho State Board of Education proposal process. 

  • Self Support and Online Programs

Consult with Extended Studies for these types of programs.

Graduate Programs

Consult with Graduate Dean

Obtain Graduate Council approval before the proposal is submitted to SBOE.

Provost’s Office

Finalize proposal, secure signatures, submit to SBOE

State Board of Education (please note, this step takes on average 5 months)

  • 30 day review by CAAP (council of provosts) 
    • Review by IRSA (subcommittee of SBOE) 
    • Less than $250,000 — often only executive director approval required 
    • PSC approval needed for certain educational programs
  • Approval by SBOE

Emphasis, Option, Minor, Undergraduate Certificate changes

  • Department/School/Program
  • Consult with Vice Provost for Academic Planning AND College Dean 
  • Provost’s Office
  • Create letter informing SBOE of change