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Proposal Groups and Agendas

Proposal Groups

New Proposal Groups

You can use the + New Proposal Groups button to create a new proposal group or you can make a copy of an existing record to modify using the Duplicate functionality.

At this time the only people that have access to the creating a proposal group are those that are in the Kuali workflow approval process, e.g., department chairs and committee chairs.

Proposal groups, add new proposal groups screenshot

Naming a proposal group

It is recommended that the area creating a new proposal group select a naming convention for the Proposal Group Title field that will make it easy for users to locate the group when needed. Using dates will be helpful as over the years multiple groups may be created for a particular program or group of courses.

Screenshot showing proposal group code, proposal group title and proposal group code

Proposal Group Code field

The Proposal Group Code field is what appears in the “name” field when looking for a proposal group and when selecting a proposal group in the Agendas form. It is recommended that the Proposal Group Code just be a copy and paste of the Proposal Group Title field to simplify the process.

Adding proposals

Each type of proposal can be added in its own category listing, i.e., courses, programs, GEC Foundations, and emphasis. The field has a type ahead feature that will display anything record matching what is searched for. It is recommended that you select the records that have “draft” or “under review” next to the titles. Those are the proposal records that you will want to group together and track through the approval workflow.

Screenshot showing text entered under programs "cyber." It shows cybersecurity GC and other cyber programs below

Proposal Group details

Once you have created a proposal group, you can share the title of the group with others in the workflow process for them to see what items go together in as the proposals are reviewed in the approval workflow process. The proposal group can be attached to agendas. In the proposal group, each attached proposal record is linked for access.

screenshot shows music education 2020, and classes listed below under "items"


Add new agenda

You can use the + New Agenda button to create a new agenda or you can make a copy of an existing record to modify using the Duplicate functionality.

Screenshot showing "+New Agenda" circled

Agenda fields

TitleName the agenda something that will make it identifiable. The title will be the subject line of the email generated in Kuali.
DateEnter the date of the meeting. Some committees use this as a deadline date to have the attached proposals reviewed by.
TimeTime of the meeting.
LocationThis can be a physical location or it can contain the link to the meeting online.
AttendeesCommittee members and invited guests.
DescriptionFree form text field to specify committee meeting details.
Attachment(s)PDF, Google or Word docs can be attached.
Proposal GroupSelect all of the proposal groups that would be covered in the meeting.
ProposalsSelect any proposals, not part of a proposal group, that will be reviewed in the meeting.

Agenda functions menu

Screenshot shows edit, duplicate, send, print, archive, delete

Using send will send an email copy of the agenda to all of the committee members and invited guests that were added to the agenda. This feature allows the committee members to access the individual proposals via the agenda without having to navigate to find them in Kuali. For proposal groups, there is not a link them at this time in the agenda. Instead committee members will need to look the proposal group in Kuali based on the title of the attached group in the agenda.