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Faculty Tenure and Promotion Purpose and Processes

Link to Tenure and Promotion Eligibility Calculator

What is tenure and promotion?

I.A. Philosophy

Two of the most important events in a faculty member’s career are the awarding of tenure and promotion in rank. The process by which tenure and promotions in rank are awarded reflects the very character of the university; both the university and its tenure and promotion process must be open, honest, and fair to all concerned parties in both fact and perception. This openness, honesty, and fairness influences faculty morale, the relationships of faculty members with students and colleagues, their perceptions of their roles in the university and broader community, and their perceptions of themselves. In turn, this defines the character of the university….

Tenure – a condition of presumed continuous employment following the expiration of a probationary period and after meeting the appropriate criteria. After tenure has been awarded, the faculty member’s service may be terminated only for adequate cause; except in the case of retirement or financial exigency as declared by the State Board of Education; in situations where extreme shifts of enrollment have eliminated the justification for a position; or where the State Board of Education has authorized elimination of or a substantial reduction in a program. Tenure status is available only to eligible, full-time institutional faculty members, as defined by the institution. (For the definition of “adequate cause,” see State Board Policies Section II, Subsection L.)

  • For clinical faculty, promotion in rank is defined in University Policy 4490, Clinical Faculty. Advancement for clinical faculty “may not occur before the acquisition of a required number of years of experience as a Clinical Faculty member.

What does the process look like for pre-tenure faculty and for faculty applying for tenure and promotion?

  • Biennial Review of Pre-Tenured Faculty

    • Pre-tenure faculty must be reviewed during the Spring of the

      • 2nd year

      • 4th  year

“The purpose of these reviews is to assist the pre-tenured faculty member by monitoring his/her progress and providing him/her advice and encouragement as he/she works toward tenure.”

    • Conducted by department personnel committee

    • Includes personal conference with the committee

“This policy also encourages the department to identify a specific faculty member to serve as a mentor for the candidate.”

Application for tenure and promotion to Associate/promotion to Full

Faculty are eligible to apply for tenure and promotion in their 6th year:

Award tenure and promote to associate professor:

          • May Apply: During 5th (extraordinary) or 6th year but not both

          • Must Apply: During 6th year

Promote to professor from the rank of associate professor:

          • May Apply: During 5th year in rank or later

          • Must Apply: N/A

Award tenure to faculty hired at a rank of associate professor or professor

          • May Apply: Subject to negotiation with Dean of the college but no sooner than during 3rd year

          • Must Apply: During 6th year

What does the process look like for clinical faculty?

According to Policy 4490, “university experience requirements [as a clinical faculty member] are necessary, but not sufficient conditions for promotion.” Departments, schools, and colleges have specific policies that guide the promotion process in their units, but faculty may apply for promotion at intervals that are similar to those for tenure-track faculty, according to their years of full-time experience as a clinical faculty member at Boise State:

Promotion from clinical instructor to clinical assistant professor

        • Eligible to apply: During third full year of employment as a clinical faculty member (minimum 2 years of full-time experience)

Promotion from clinical assistant professor to clinical associate professor

        • Eligible to apply: During 6th year of employment as a clinical faculty member (minimum of 5 years of full-time experience)

Promotion from clinical associate professor to clinical professor

        • Eligible to apply: During 9th year of employment as a clinical faculty member (minimum of 8 years of full-time experience)

Timeline for Tenure and Promotion Processes

Tenure and Promotion Resources

Resources for candidates as well as those who are serving on tenure/promotion review committees. Currently, the resources for candidates are focused primarily on tenure-track faculty, but the Office of Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs will be working with clinical faculty and their departments to develop resources for those on the clinical track.

Tenure & Promotion Resources: Committee Members

A Team drive for members of P&T Committees

Tenure & Promotion Resources: Candidates

A Team drive for pre-tenure faculty and tenure-eligible candidates
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