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Faculty Tenure and Promotion

The Office of Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs provides support to academic units during the promotion and tenure process and manages the University’s electronic submission tool, Interfolio’s Review Promotion and Tenure (RPT).

The promotion and tenure review process occurs on an annual cycle, beginning September 15 and ending March 1, with awards of promotion and tenure taking effect at the beginning the fiscal year following application.

Faculty are evaluated for promotion or tenure based on the criteria established by their departments/programs, schools, and colleges. The promotion and tenure application and review process begins at the administrative home of the faculty member and continues through the school/college to the university level. Candidates for tenure and/or promotion should contact their unit administrator (department head, chair, faculty or school director) for guidance on unit/department, school, and college promotion and tenure guidelines, standards, and important deadlines. University-level deadlines for promotion and tenure review as well as additional resources can be found below.

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Tenure and Promotion Resources

Resources for candidates as well as those who are serving on tenure/promotion review committees. Currently, the resources for candidates are focused primarily on tenure-track faculty, but the Office of Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs will be working with clinical faculty and their departments to develop resources for those on the clinical track.

Timeline for Tenure and Promotion Processes

Gannt chart of process, full description on page
  • April 1 – Candidate notifies department of intent to apply
  • April 1 through August – Unit administrator requests/receives external review letters (tenured/tenure-track faculty)
  • April through September – Candidate prepares application
  • September 15 – Candidate submits application materials
  • September 15 through October 15 – Departmental Committee review application
  • September through October 15 – Department Chair reviews and forwards application to College
  • October 15 through November – College Committees review applications
  • December 1 – College Committee notifies candidate of recommendation
  • December 15 – College Committee forwards applications to Dean
  • December through January 15 – Dean reviews and notifies candidates of recommendation
  • January 31 – Dean forwards candidates’ materials to Provost
  • February through March 1 – President notifies candidates of final decision
See University Policy 4340 Section 4.3.3


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