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Foundations of Written Communication

What Does Every First-Year Writing Course Have in Common?

Although each instructor creates a syllabus that reflects their individual interests and strengths, every first-year writing course will help you build your writing skills through deep reflection, extensive writing, and ongoing research.

Learn about the First Year Writing Program

Foundations of Written Communication

The Foundations of Written Communication category consists of two First Year Writing courses, a six-credit sequence that will introduce you to the University’s expectations about academic writing and research:

      • English 101: Writing and Rhetoric I
      • English 102: Writing and Rhetoric II

Most students are placed into one or both of the courses above based on their responses to an online placement tool call the Write Class. This tool considers each student’s standardized test scores; high school GPA (if applicable); writing and reading history; and preparedness for the courses. Learn more about placement.

What Will My First Year Writing Course Be Like?

First Year Writing courses emphasize collaboration and class discussion. It is likely that you will get to know your fellow students, touch base with your instructor one-on-one, and be given the opportunity to write multiple drafts of your papers–so you can revise, explore new strategies, and grow as a writer.