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Online Course Limits for International Students (Spring 2023)

U.S. Immigration has provided some flexibility regarding online course enrollment for our international students on F-1 student visas. Unfortunately, that flexibility is coming to an end. Starting in Spring 2023, international students on student visas (both new and continuing) will need to follow the standard immigration regulations that limit online and remote learning in order to study from inside the U.S.

International students must study full time (9 credits graduate, 12 credits undergraduate) and only one course in that full-time load can be online or remote. Hybrid courses must have a substantial and meaningful in-person component to be considered an in-person course for U.S. Immigration.

If you have international students in your programs, please keep this return to pre-COVID regulations in mind as you develop course schedules for Spring 2023 and beyond. If you have questions about these requirements or feel it will be difficult to meet these requirements, please contact the Center for Global Engagement as soon as possible to consider if there are other options available (