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Undergraduate Studies

The Undergraduate Studies group at Boise State is led by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies, Susan Shadle.

Broadly speaking, the Vice Provost’s role is to attend to the academic systems, structures, and practices that support students to achieve their academic goals.  And because our systems, structures and practices aren’t perfect, we also assist individual students in navigating academic challenges.

In our work throughout Undergraduate Studies (UGS), we seek to

  • support rich, engaging academic experiences for students and support for success along their journey, recognizing that each student’s journey is unique (and wonderful in its uniqueness!)
  • help students build connections and relationships with faculty, staff and other students, because connections help students thrive and are essential for a rich community of learners at Boise State.
  • support growth for faculty, staff and students which holds space for celebration of accomplishments, as well as for failure, reflection, and improvement.  In supporting growth, we seek to contribute to a future marked by greater justice, health and wellbeing, and equity.

Offices of Undergraduate Studies

UGS is also comprised of four offices that play a critical role in the lives of our undergraduates.

  • Advising and Academic Success Center  The mission of the Advising and Academic Support Center (AASC) is to promote students’ academic excellence through a variety of student centered programs and services.
  • BUILD Program  BUILD (Boise State Uniting for Inclusion and Leadership in Diversity) supports Boise State employees to become leaders prepared to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable campus environment.
  • Center for Teaching and Learning The CTL’s mission is to support, promote, and enhance inclusive teaching and effective pedagogical practice to support student learning and success.
  • University Foundations  University Foundations is Boise State’s general education curriculum, which anchors the more focused study done within each major to a broader educational foundation and enhances students’ capacity to learn, create, and evolve—at school and beyond.

Teaching Guides

There are many important lessons we learned as a community during the height of the COVID19 pandemic, including the need to attend to public health and the importance of support the success and wellness of both students and colleagues.  The link to the “Boise State University Teaching Guide: Supporting Public Health and Student & Faculty Success” is designed to help us keep those lessons in mind.

Boise State University Teaching Guide: Supporting Public Health and Student & Faculty Success

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