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Get to Know Emilee Simicich

Boise State Admissions is excited to welcome our new Transfer Admissions Counselor, Emilee Simicich!

“My name is Emilee and I’m a new Boise State Transfer Admissions Counselor. I graduated from Boise State University with my Bachelor’s in Psychology in 2021. I came to Boise State as a traditional nonresident student and fell in love with the inviting and supportive culture that Boise State provides to students. I am thankful for the education I earned through Boise State and have grown passionate about helping prospective students find the best fit for their education. I acknowledge that education often is not linear and I have always been inspired by students that choose to pivot their educational journey or come back to school after taking a break. I aim to help each transfer student understand the options available to them and connect them to resources that I didn’t know existed while I was a student. I invite transfer advisors to reach out to me anytime with questions they may have about the process students go through when transferring to Boise State. Together, we can provide a more streamlined, well-rounded support system for transfer students!”

Got a question for Emilee? Connect with her by visiting Emilee Simicich’s portal.

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