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This Bandleader is Graduating on a High Note

Meet Aslen Whitmore: Aslen is a fourth year biology student going into the pre-med field who grew up in Nampa, Idaho. Even though Aslen isn’t a music major, leading the Blue Thunder marching band as drum major was one of the most important factors in choosing Boise State.

When weighing her options and what she wanted to get out of her college experience, there were many things to consider. But ultimately, Aslen knew that Blue Thunder was one of the best in the Northwest and she realized she wanted to be part of it.

Finding Your People

In addition to getting to do something she loves, Blue Thunder introduced Aslen to a built-in community of friends with shared interests. This was a really important benefit coming into her first year at Boise State. Aslen felt like she could instantly make friends without going way out of her comfort zone. The way that Blue Thunder is organized “facilitat[ed] a culture, with teamwork and trust.” Aslen found connections through the band that extended beyond practice and games, building close relationships along the way.

A Passion for Leading Others

Alsen stands on a ladder addressing band, someone holds a sign that reads Walk Line

Being in a leadership position on Blue Thunder is yet another rewarding part of the experience for Aslen. Through her position in the band, Aslen learned how to lead 200 people, an invaluable skill set that translates to many other aspects of her life, both personally and academically.

“I think the biggest takeaway for me in being a major and the opportunity to mentor others is just how much you learn when you teach.”

Aslen finds that this new skill has prepared her for many scenarios, whether it be handling her anxiety under pressure or even taking charge in the classroom by leading when it comes to class projects and research.

Thinking Outside the Box

“If there’s something that interests you, just do it and there’s nothing that stops you.”Aslen Whitmore

While Blue Thunder became a pivotal part of Aslen’s experience at Boise State, it may not have been the most obvious choice at the jump. After all, Aslen is pursuing a challenging major that is unrelated to music – Biology. But, according to Aslen, that’s something that is so unique about Blue Thunder; many of the students that participate aren’t music majors.

“A big majority of marching band students aren’t music majors and it’s not their whole life. It’s just something we do because we love it. It’s not something I need for a degree requirement.”Aslen Whitmore

Thinking outside of the box and exceeding expectations have been both motivating and rewarding for Aslen in her journey here at Boise State. Through Blue Thunder, Aslen gained invaluable experience and countless friendships, all while getting to do something she loves. Aslen loves music and science, so why not do both?

Interested in joining the band? Take a page from Aslen’s book!

Your Future Starts HereAslen stands with two fellow bandmates in uniform.

Picture yourself commanding the spotlight at iconic events and thrilling football games. Boise State’s Blue Thunder Marching Band is the opportunity to share your passion with Bronco Nation! Audition now to showcase your musical prowess and be part of a legacy that echoes through our campus.

Audition Today!

Ready to start your journey with the Blue Thunder? In-person and virtual audition options are available for students depending on proximity to campus. You’ll first need to review the Audition Information on their site to submit a link to your video audition or request an audition slot, depending on whether you are within 100 miles of campus. You don’t need to be enrolled as a music major to become a member of Blue Thunder.

Learn more and sign up for auditions

More Music and Dance

There are plenty of more casual opportunities to participate in music and dance outside of athletics. Check out the music and dance opportunities section to see how you can get involved on campus!

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Scholarships are available for a wide variety of successful participants and help students like you pay for your college education. To learn more, click the Explore Scholarships button!

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