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AI in Online Education

eCampus Center AI Support

Finding time to get up to speed on artificial intelligence (AI), AI tools, and the possibilities for using AI tools in your online course can be challenging.  The eCampus Center has gathered resources and developed training events on AI that you will find helpful.



eCampus Center staff with experience using AI tools and facilitating the development of online courses are available for one on one consultations. If you would like to talk with one of our staff members about your online course and how it might be adapted to account for AI, request a consultation today! If you are teaching an in-person, hybrid, or remote course and want to discuss the use of AI tools, please request a consultation with a Center for Teaching and Learning staff member.


Spring 2024 Faculty Development Events

  • eCampus Research and Innovation Team’s Innovation Playground – Using AI Transparently to Create OER
  • Visit the eCampus Faculty Development Catalog for details and to enroll in the following events and more:
    • Preparing to Teach in the Age of Artificial Intelligence seminar
    • Exploring the Impact of AI/ChatGPT for Your Online course
    • Academic Integrity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence webinar
    • Adapting Your Online Course to the New Realities of Artificial Intelligence – Community of Practice

Other AI Resources