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Become a Bronco Contact

Geographic regions, academic units or special interest groups not served by an official chapter or club may have an alumni association presence through the Bronco Contact program. This program is designed for constituencies that do not have a sufficient number of alumni or adequate volunteer base to sustain a viable chapter or club but have enough interest to connect with each other.

A Bronco Contact is an individual who volunteers on behalf of the alumni association and/or Boise State. Bronco Contacts are listed on the alumni website and serve as the key contact for a geographic region. (There may be more than one Bronco Contact in an area.) Bronco Contacts receive newsletters and other periodic information from the alumni association. Bronco Contacts are encouraged to organize at least one activity per year. While there is no promise that the Boise State Alumni Association will financially supplement Bronco Contact activities, staff assistance in many forms will be provided. Exceptions to this financial rule may be considered if there is demonstrated alumni interest and strong Boise State Alumni Association membership in the area.

Steps to becoming a Bronco Contact:

  1. Submit a letter/email outlining your commitment to support the mission of the Boise State Alumni Association to the director of regional alumni programs for approval. An example is shown in the information below.
  2. Agree to fulfill the responsibilities listed below.
  3. Complete and return the signed data access confidentiality form.

Visit the Bronco Contact, Chapter and Club Handbook.

Important Information


  • Boise State Alumni Association: A non-profit corporation 501(c)(3) with a mission to “connect, celebrate and engage alumni and friends of the university to build lifelong relationships that support the future of our university.” By fostering alliances among alumni, students, friends, and the university community and building new traditions, the alumni association supports our public, metropolitan research university. Members of the association include graduates of the university, former students and friends of the university. All chapters, clubs, contacts and advocates are affiliate organizations of the Boise State Alumni Association.
  • Chapter: A constituency group of the Boise State Alumni Association which supports the missions of the university and the alumni association through its activities. Chapters may be created in geographic regions, based on special interests or social affiliations or affiliated through an academic or professional (or corporate) focus.
  • Club: A collective group of active alumni and friends. Typically, clubs are smaller than our chartered chapters. As a club grows, they do have the option of changing their status to a chapter.
  • Bronco Contact: A volunteer who serves as a contact person for a geographic region, academic unit or special interest group not served by an officially chartered chapter or club. This program is designed for areas or groups that do not have a sufficient number of alumni or an adequate volunteer base to sustain a viable chapter or club. These individuals organize activity(ies) for these areas and serve as key contacts, typically for a geographic area.
  • Constituent or Constituency: an individual or group of people who have any connection to, history with or passion for Boise State University, the Boise State Alumni Association, or the Broncos.
  • Event: An activity produced by a Bronco Contact, club, chapter or the Boise State Alumni Association that can include but is not limited to a social, educational and/or charitable function in alignment with the mission of the Alumni Association.
  • Charter: Privilege granted by the Boise State Alumni Association to a specific constituency group that enables the group to operate under guidelines set forth in the chartering agreement. See Boise State University Policy #11040, Alumni Association Chapter Recognition.
  • Alumni Association Dues-Paying Member: An individual who has paid or is paying a lifetime membership or someone who is a current dues-paying annual member of the Boise State Alumni Association. Anyone can be a dues-paying Boise State Alumni Association member.

Mission and Values

The Boise State Alumni Association is part of an integrated advancement team. Our vision is to create the best culture of philanthropic and alumni engagement of any public university in the country. All chapters, clubs and contacts are affiliate groups of the Boise State Alumni Association and all activity that is undertaken in each group must be in alignment with the mission and values of the alumni association.

Alumni Association Mission

The Boise State Alumni Association connects, celebrates and engages alumni and friends of the university to build lifelong relationships that support the future of our university.

Alumni Association Guiding Values

  • Connect alumni and friends strategically back to the university linking their interests to university needs.
  • Support students through scholarships and programs that foster a life-long commitment to the university.
  • Advocate, promote and educate the public concerning the value of investing in Boise State University and higher education in Idaho.

Bronco Contact Purpose

To serve as a point of connection between area alumni and the Boise State Alumni Office; to engage Boise State alumni and friends by serving as a communication link and/or event organizer to create opportunities for social interaction, networking, and shared Bronco Pride.

Bronco Contact Responsibilities

  • Be listed on the website as a Bronco Contact (email and/or phone number)
  • Organize one or more quality events/activities per year that align with the Boise State Alumni Association mission
  • Serve as area information person for local inquiries about alumni activities, scholarship opportunities, community interests, student recruitment and association news
  • Communicate regularly with the staff about activities in your area
  • Sign a confidentiality form that protects all alumni from misuse of personal information

Bronco Contact Qualifications

  • Commitment to the mission, visions and values of the Boise State Alumni Association
  • Communication, decision-making skills, and the ability to work effectively with a team
  • Organized and self-motivated

Note: Time commitment for Bronco Contacts varies according to geographic area, personal commitment, and energy of individual alum.


  • Newsletters and other periodic communications from the Boise State Alumni Association
  • Early announcements of special alumni activities
  • Invitations to campus for special events
  • Connect with other Bronco Contacts

Alumni Association Assistance for Bronco Contacts

  • Email list management
  • Web design and maintenance
  • Online event registration
  • Consultation for events

Note: Funding for your event may be considered by the staff, provided there is demonstrated alumni interest and strong membership in the area.

Sample Email Outlining Commitment to be a Bronco Contact

My Name is Lucinda Bronco and I would be thrilled to serve as the Boise State Bronco Contact in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’d love to help connect Boise State alumni new to the area with those of us that have lived here for a while. I will serve as an advocate for the Boise State Alumni Association and encourage alumni in my area to update their contact information. I understand that I am committing to planning and attending at least one quality event per year. I would like to plan a football viewing event for the upcoming UNLV game at a local restaurant. Additionally, I would like to recruit other Boise State alumni in the area to assist with the annual note-writing campaign to encourage students to choose Boise State. I am planning to host a note-writing afternoon lunch at my home. Here is the information I would like posted on the Boise State Alumni website:

Lucinda Bronco ’99

Phone: (333) 444-5555


Please send me the required confidentiality form to sign and return.

Bronco Contact in Good Standing: Requirements to continue to serve

  • Hold one event per year.
  • Other suggested activities: letter writing campaign to students who have not yet committed to Boise State; hold a recruiting event to add members and possibly begin developing a club or chapter, develop a BOLD (Broncos Of the Last Decade) event, and/or plan a tour, social event or a community service event. Contact another Bronco Contact in another state to brainstorm ideas for events (via Zoom or phone call).
  • Serve as an advocate for the Boise State Alumni Association and linking members with our online Connect application so they can update their information as needed. Make sure your profile is current:
  • Signed confidentiality form required.

Bronco Contact Benefits for Contacts in Good Standing

  • Email invitation support for a minimum of one event (option to negotiate for more)
  • Materials/postage for letter writing campaign to potential students
  • Event kit/swag for event(s) (not to exceed $200). Kit support will match the number of planned club events as well as the historic attendance at events.
  • Bronco Contact information published on website.

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