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Kathryn Demps

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Kathryn E. Demps
Associate Professor
Phone: (208) 426-4690
Office: Hemingway Building, Room 115
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Ph.D., Anthropology, University of California, Davis
M.A., Anthropology, University of California, Davis
B.Sc., Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles


Kathryn Demps specializes in the study of the evolution of human behavior, focusing on human behavioral ecology and cultural evolution. Her work has explored how humans are flexible decision-makers, depending on social and ecological contexts to exploit their environment. This has included contexts as diverse as collecting wild honey in south India, choosing outdoor recreation patterns in southwest Idaho, and theoretical models of separating household consumption and production to participate in local marketplace exchange.  She is currently accepting students interested in foraging theory, local ecological knowledge, outdoor recreation, and environmental values, and behavioral endocrinology related to these areas.


Human behavioral ecology, foraging theory, cultural evolution, outdoor recreation and environmental values, behavioral endocrinology


  • Introduction to Physical Anthropology
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Evolution and Human Behavior
  • Kinship and Social Organization
  • Behavior and Evolutionary Biology of the Human Lifecycle
  • Evolution of Human Nature
  • Research Designs in Anthropology
  • Environmental Anthropology
  • Adaptation and Human Behavior
  • Quantitative Field Methods