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Our Team

Faculty gathered for coffee hourAbout Us

We passionately foster learning in anthropology, engage in fundamental and transformative research, and serve our community in confronting the problems faced by humankind and the planet.

Our Goals

Develop instructional environments and emphases that energize and inspire our students to feel welcome, engaged, and passionate about the discipline, the curriculum, and ultimately, the value of their degree.

Attract meaningful research grants that fund post-secondary personnel (i.e., graduate students and postdocs) and support our development of insights and solutions to grand challenges.

Engage with a broader and diverse web of K-12, community college, business, government, and community partners to educate about our work and motivate equitable and inclusive student recruitment, student professional experiences (internships), and student and faculty research opportunities.

Escalate faculty and student physical, mental, and social health across all departmental decisions and plans.


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