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Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Anthropology

Graduate students at coffee hour

The MA degree emphasizes research and requires completing a thesis. The coursework for this program provides a thorough exposure to modern theory and methods in anthropology and entails rigorous training in behavioral and evolutionary ecology, anthropological history, quantitative methods, and research design.

Master of Applied Anthropology

The MAA degree is a professional science master’s program (PSM). This program focuses on Cultural Resource Management and combines rigorous study in anthropological science with skill-based course work in management, policy, verbal communication, GIS, and technical writing. The program typically consists of 18 months of academic preparation including a professional internship with the government or private sector.

Graduate Certificate in User Research

The Graduate Certificate in User Research provides students with in-depth knowledge and practical mastery of qualitative research methods rooted in ethnography, with an emphasis on how user research informs design thinking.