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Certificate Programs

We have a few experiential certificate programs that will make you stand out to potential employers and graduate schools.

Data Analytics with R

Enhance the disciplinary perspectives, methods, and passions already cultivated in your major program with accessible quantitative tools. This certificate teaches data science skills while minimizing prerequisite math and computer science courses. Learn more about the Data Analytics with R Certificate program.

User Experience Research (UXR)

Systematic qualitative research methods to gain insights on human behavior. Check out our student design briefs for recent capstone projects. This program is for undergraduate students attending Boise State University. The classes are fully online. Learn more about the UXR Certificate and how to add it to your current plan of study.

User Experience Research Professional Certificate (UX-PRO)

Leverage multiple qualitative methods to develop insights into how real people interact with products, services, policies, and organizations. UX-PRO has both public and private sector uses including human-centered design and user experience/UX research. This program is for working professionals who are looking to add to their previous degree. The courses are fully online. Learn how to get started in the UX-PRO program