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A Bibliography of Southern Idaho Archaeology

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edited by Pamela Huter
ISBN:  0-9639749-5-5
45 pp.
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The present Bibliography of Southern Idaho archaeology builds upon earlier efforts by Pavesic, Plew and Sprague (1979, 1981) and Plager (1995). The need for an updated bibliography reflects the expansion of archaeological research generally and of federally mandated compliance work during the past two decades. The geographic scope of the present bibliography was limited to the Snake River Plain through reports of excavations adjacent to the plain were included when pertinent to discussions of southern Idaho archaeology.

The compilation has focused on published materials including books, monographs, technical reports, journal articles, abstracts, and graduate theses which offer a synthesis of Idaho archaeology. No attempt was made to include the “grey” literature. Items omitted include newspaper articles, letter reports, agency clearance forms, Idaho Archaeological Survey forms, presented paper titles and “Current Research” entries from American Antiquity. As with any such effort, there are some exceptions. Major cultural resource overviews and unpublished reports of excavations have been included where such reports contribute to an understanding of local prehistory.In a few instances non-archaeological references have been included if considered relevant to archaeological research. Content and significance alone determined what was included within the bibliography. The extent of circulation was not considered in determining inclusion of items. The overall purpose of the bibliography is to provide an update of archaeological work in southern Idaho since 1980. My hope is that the bibliography will be a useful reference tool for professional archaeologists, students, and cultural resource managers.