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How to Declare Anthropology as Your Major

Declaring anthropology as your major (or minor) is easy!  You can change your major or minor by logging in to your my.BoiseState account and clicking the Change Major link.

Whom Should You See for Advising

If you are a new or transfer student, please call or email our office so that we can assign an advisor to you.

How to Change your Advisor

You can change your advisor at any time.  Please call or email our office to let us know which faculty member you would like to have as your advisor.

How Do You Contact an Advisor to Set Up an Appointment

Email is the preferable way to set up an appointment. Individual faculty office hours are posted on the faculty web pages.

Why Should You See an Advisor

Advising provides you with essential information along with important strategies for academic, personal, and professional success.

  • Discuss your career goals and plans.
  • Review classes, prerequisites, and schedules, keeping in mind possible curriculum changes that may
    not be listed in the catalog.
  • Advisors can often provide helpful strategies for getting into closed classes, and can also act as your
  • Advisors can help provide permission numbers for most classes in our department.
  • Customize your degree requirements to complement your future educational or professional goals.
  • Help ensure that required classes are completed in a timely manner, and that you are on schedule
    to graduate.
  • Information about campus resources and understanding university policies.
  • Allows your advisor to get to know you, so they can provide a reference if needed later for application for employment or graduate and professional schools.

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student from another college or university, please bring a copy of your transcript with you when you come to the department for your first advising session. In this way your advisor can assist you in determining what courses can/will apply towards your anthropology degree here at Boise State, and which courses won’t. In some cases you may be required to fill out an Adjustment of Academic Requirements Form in order to transfer an equivalent course from another college/university. Don’t wait until you are about to graduate before doing this! It may come as a huge surprise when you try to transfer a course you thought would fulfill a requirement towards your major, and when you find out it won’t, you are short credits for graduation.

How to Change your Catalog Year

To change your degree catalog, fill out this Catalog Year Update form and turn it in to the Registrar’s Office.