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Special Collections and Archives is open! We have different hours and procedures to comply with Boise State University’s safety plan in response to COVID-19. See Using the Collections for more information and contact with any questions.

We find ourselves living in a historic moment. People of the future will be interested in how we all adjusted to new ways of daily life. The Boise State University Archives wants to collect, share, and preserve your stories about your life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What individuals can do:

Share your journals, photographs, social media, artwork, videos, poetry, emails, personal reflections, blog posts, or anything that represents your reflections, thoughts, feelings, observations, and experiences about this historic time. Submit your stories here.

What departments, organizations, and groups can do:

Save everything! Create folders in Google drive, email, or anywhere to collect documentation. These can be for individuals or group share. Save items in their original format – we accept any type of digital or paper items.

Virtual meetings

  • record meetings
  • download chats
  • save notes, agendas, minutes



  • record events
  • planning documents
  • photos, videos

Social Media/Websites

Send us your hashtags, Twitter feeds, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages to capture in Archive-It

Transferring to the Archives

You can send file(s) at any time, on an ongoing basis (e.g., daily, weekly), or at a later date. We will work with you on transfers.

NOTE: With notification, any file(s) can remain closed if considered confidential information.