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2024 University Anniversaries

This is a list of some of the notable events in Boise State’s history. If you know of others, email

1934 (90) First commencement
1939 (85) Boise Junior College becomes a public institution
1949 (75) Intercollegiate Knights build the fireplace near the SUB
1954 (70) Science building (now Math) opens
1969 (55) Boise College becomes Boise State College, moving into the state system of higher education
1974 (50) Boise State College becomes Boise State University
1974 (50) Buster Bronco’s first appearance
1974 (50) Pat Bieter leads the first student exchange program to the Basque Country
1979 (45) Education Building opens
1984 (40) Morrison Center opens
1989 (35) Enrollment became the largest in the state at 12,586 students
2004 (20) First honorary doctorate awarded to alum and filmmaker Michael Hoffman
2004 (20) Keiser and Taylor Halls open