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Student Handbook: Section VII, Program Documentation-Evaluation

Master of Athletic Training Program: 2023-2024


This handbook is created to inform the athletic training student (ATS) of policies and procedures of the Athletic Training Program (ATP) at Boise State University. The overall intent of this handbook is to ensure a quality educational experience for each student, and to ensure safe and efficient operation of all athletic training facilities. To achieve the goals of the educational program, each student must be familiar with the policies and procedures listed herein. If you feel that a particular policy needs to be reviewed, you should bring it to the attention of the Athletic Training Program Director. Policies and procedures can be changed, but not ignored.

The information in this handbook is not all-inclusive. This handbook should be used as a guide throughout your progression in the ATP. As needed, the handbook will change as policies and procedures are modified, added, or deleted. Any alterations to the handbook will be made available to all students, faculty, and preceptors.




The Athletic Training Program undergoes on-going and constant evaluation to analyze compliance with accreditation standards. In addition, this evaluation process allows program administration to identify strengths and weaknesses in an effort to gauge current status and necessary changes to continue offering an outstanding athletic training education. Evaluation process occurs through ATrack online.

Early Alert Evaluation

Early Alert Evaluation is an opportunity to notify program administration about student progress. Both positive and negative comments/concerns are solicited.

Student Performance Evaluation (end of rotation)

The preceptor will complete student performance evaluations of the athletic training student for every clinical rotation. It is important that the student receive feedback from the preceptor formally and face to face on areas they need to work to improve on over the course of their clinical education at BSU. The evaluations will be one component of the clinical instruction course grade in which the student is currently enrolled.

Preceptors and Clinical Setting Evaluation

At the completion of each clinical rotation, students will evaluate the preceptor and the clinical site to which they were assigned. These will be confidential submissions. At the end of each academic year, preceptors will be provided a summary of the evaluation responses to assist them
in making improvements to the overall clinical education experience.

Course and Instructor Evaluation

Students should evaluate each course and instructor every semester within the BS in Athletic Training through BSU’s electronic course evaluation system.

Employer/ Alumni Survey

Employer and Alumni Surveys are sent 6-12 months after graduation and data are utilized to assess program outcomes.