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Student Handbook: Statement of Understanding

Master of Athletic Training Program: 2023-2024

A student admitted to the Boise State University – Athletic Training Program (BSU-ATP), must comply with the following requirements:

  1. To complete all clinical education requirements in accordance with BSU, Idaho State Board of Education (ISBE), BOC, CAATE guidelines. The ISBE mandates a minimum of 45 clock-hours per credit hour of clinical experience. Students will complete a minimum of 45 clinical hours for both MAT 500/530 and 135 hours for each of the following clinical classes: MAT 510/520/530/540/550 within the on-campus athletic training facilities and/or the affiliated clinical education sites of the BSU-ATP (See Clinical Hours Policy, BSU ATP Handbook).
  2. To obtain and maintain student membership in the NATA. This membership is essential to our electronic tracking system that is used to document your progression through the clinical education portion of the ATP (See NATA,
  3. To not participate in clinical education experiences during a time in which I am affected by a communicable disease and shall not return to clinical participation until cleared by a physician or other medical provider. (See Communicable Disease Policy, BSU ATP Handbook).
  4. To abide by policies and procedures established by Boise State University, BSU ATP, BSU Sports Medicine, BSU Athletics, and Affiliated Clinical Sites (this includes but not limited to):
    a. Criminal Background Check Policy
    b. Clinical Hours Policy
    c. Clinical Supervision Policy
    d. Blood Borne Pathogen and Exposure Control Policy
    e. Communicable Disease Policy
    f. Substance Abuse Policy
  5. To adhere to the NATA Code of Ethics and BOC Standards of Professional Practice (See BSU ATP Handbook, , ).
  6. To comply with Idaho State Board of Medicine – Athletic Training licensure/regulation requirements (See ISBM
  7. To maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and minimum grade requirements for all degree requirements including all required MAT courses (See Retention Policy, BSU ATP Handbook).
  8. Progress toward completion of all degree requirements for the Masters of Athletic Training (See corresponding BSU graduate academic catalog)

Statement of Understanding, Master of Athletic Training Program: 2023-2024

I, the undersigned, understand the above listed expectations and requirements that I must uphold. I realize that if I fail to comply with any of the requirements, I may be formally discharged from the BSU-ATP and not be allowed to graduate with the Masters of Science degree in Athletic Training.

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