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Business Intelligence Reporting Services

BIRS prepares and delivers data in the form of reports, dashboards, and visualizations from enterprise source systems in an organized and accessible manner.

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Welcome to Business Intelligence and Reporting Services (BIRS), Office of Information Technology!

Learn more about the resources we offer and the latest BIRS updates. For information and assistance, contact us at

Our Services

Learn how we receive and work through data and project requests

Data Cookbook

The central repository of data definitions and Boise State reporting specifications

Business Intelligence (BI) Users

Identify developer vs. consumer reporting responsibilities

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Detailed information on our reporting tools to help you identify the tools that are right for you

Resources and FAQs

Resources and information on how to get started using our tools and troubleshooting tips

What's New in Boise State Business Intelligence?

There haveĀ been significant enhancements to the new Boise State Reporting site, designed to streamline your experience and provide more comprehensive notifications. These improvements aim to make your interactions with the platform smoother, ensuring you stay informed and efficient in your reporting endeavors.

Key Enhancements

Consolidated Notifications:

We have combined outages and announcements into a unified subscription feature. Subscribing now ensures that you receive notifications for both reporting outages and announcements. This consolidated section, aptly titled “Notifications,” offers a centralized hub for staying updated on critical information.

Favorites Feature:

Introducing the Favorites feature! You can now mark reports on Boise State Reporting as favorites, and these will be conveniently displayed under the Favorites section on the homepage. This enhancement eliminates the need to navigate through the site or bookmark pages, providing quick and easy access to the reports you frequently use.

Direct Link to Data Cookbook:

Accessing the Data Cookbook is now more straightforward. A direct link to this valuable resource has been included under the tools menu for your convenience, ensuring easy reference and utilization.

Alphabetical Sorting:

To enhance navigation, subcategories and reports on individual tabs are now sorted alphabetically. This thoughtful organization promotes a more intuitive and efficient browsing experience.

Oracle Reporting Training Opportunities

BIRS hosted a three part training for OAC and Data Visualizer. The recordings are available by selecting the BI Tools Training on the BIRS Resources and FAQ page.

We are continuing the monthly drop-in training sessions. Our team members will be available for 2 hours once a month, providing you with the opportunity to seek assistance, ask questions, and resolve any issues you may encounter while working the University BI reporting tools. Please email if you would like to attend a drop-in session.

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