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Our Services

Boise State’s Business Intelligence and Reporting Services (BIRS) team prepares and delivers data from enterprise source systems for analytical purposes in an organized and accessible manner via enterprise business intelligence tools. The end-user products are typically in the form of reports, dashboards, and visualizations.

Our Resources and Processes

  • MyInsights Reporting
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Reporting
  • Oracle Data Visualizer Reporting
  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) Reporting, such as end-user transactional reports and data model reports for integration purposes
  • Data Cookbook
  • Data Warehouse ETL processes from enterprise source systems such as PeopleSoft, Canvas, Slate, StarRez, HCM/ERP/PPM, and InfoEd

When we receive a request to develop a new report or dashboard or make new data available in our tools, this new project makes its way through our workflow.

Project Workflow

The BIRS team receives prioritized project requests from multiple sources. Those received from the Data Request Form are small projects, enhancements, and standard reports and dashboards. Larger projects, such as enterprise-level, or projects that require multiple OIT departments such as integrations, are received from the Project Management Office.

Project workflow graphic

A data request is submitted

  • Small projects, enhancements, and standard reports and dashboards are submitted through the data request form.
  • Larger projects such as enterprise-level, or projects that require multiple OIT departments are submitted through the project request form.

Projects are reviewed and prioritized

  • Requests through the data request form are reviewed by campus data stewards and BIRS, and then prioritized by the unit completing the request.
  • Project requests through the project request form are reviewed and prioritized by the Project Management Office, with input from campus data stewards and BIRS.

Once reviewed, it may be determined that the complexity of the request requires the request be moved to the other project prioritization process.

Prioritized projects are submitted to the BIRS team for development

  • Projects submitted to the BIRS team are brought into a backlog and negotiated into 2-week sprints based on existing priorities.
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