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2024 BIRS Strategic Plan


Boise State’s Business Intelligence and Reporting Services (BIRS) team prepares and delivers data from enterprise source systems for analytical purposes in an organized and accessible manner via enterprise business intelligence tools. The end-user products are typically in the form of reports, dashboards, and visualizations.


BIRS will serve as an example of a highly effective and efficient modern BI office in a university setting that empowers all customers to access the data and tools they need with confidence.


Empathy – Knowing our customers and what they need to be successful

Honesty – Being honest in how we work inside and outside our team

Transparency – Being open about our processes, plans, challenges, etc.

Fairness – To others and ourselves

Responsible – With the products and tools we support so they bring the most value to our customers and align to the university’s strategic goals

Strategic Objectives and Goals

Strategic ObjectivesGoals
1. Create operational efficiencies to decrease project completion time, improve customer satisfaction, and improve staff well-being.1. Reorganize staff responsibilities to make better use of skills and interests while creating more work capacity and improving quality.
2. Cross train with other development teams and within our department.
2. Establish an environment where customers are confident working with the curated data and the university supported reporting tools1. Create resources and processes that help customers understand the university's data and reporting environment, including normalizing the use of Data Cookbook.
2. Determine how best BIRS should be involved with Data Governance.
3. Develop standardized process for development of new subject areas including determining access and permissions with data stewards.
3. Maximize the effectiveness of our tech stack including transitioning to different products and set-ups when appropriate.1. Develop and support data warehousing and reporting/analytical tools with a focus on ease of use, scalability, sustainability, stability, and performance.
2. Make changes to our work practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
4. Support compliance and state-mandated initiatives.1. Manage retirement vendor change.
2. Manage insurance vendor change.