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Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

BI Tools Comparison Chart

Learn about the business intelligence tools available and supported by Boise State BIRS.

For a description of these business intelligence tools, please visit Data Cookbook – Tools.

NeedsOACData VisualizerOTBIMyInsights
Validated Data SourcesYesYesYesYes
Primary data typesFinance and StudentStudent and User UploadedHuman Resources and FinanceStudent
Searchable CatalogYesYesYesYes
Drill Through Summarized DataYesLimitedYesYes
Display as ListYesLimitedYesYes
Display as Pivot TableYesYesYesYes
Display as VisualizationsYesYesYesYes
(V) Bar/Column ChartYesYesYesYes
(V) Line ChartYesYesYesYes
(V) Area ChartYesYesYesYes
(V) Scatter PlotYesYesYesYes
(V) Bubble ChartYesNoYesNo
(V) Pie ChartYesYesYesYes
(V) Sankey DiagramNoYesNoNo
(V) Tree MapYesYesYesYes
(V) Geo MapYesYesYesNo
(V) Word CloudNoYesNoNo
(V) TimelinesNoYesNoNo
(V) Heat MatrixYesYesYesNo
(V) Correlation MatrixNoYesNoNo
(V) Performance TileYesYesYesNo
(V) GaugeYesNoYesNo
(V) FunnelYesNoYesYes
(V) Pareto ChartYesYesYesNo
Custom CalculationsYesYesYesYes
Upload your data to the secure BI serverNoYesNoNo
PDF OutputYesYesYesYes
Excel output for data downloadYes - not recommendedNoYes Yes 
Email distribution set upManuallyNoManuallyManually
Hyperlink/drill through to another websiteYesYesYesYes
Machine LearningYes*Yes*NoYes*
Embedding Content in Web Page (including public access)NoYesNoNo
BI Tool OriginFinancial and Student AnalyticsVisualizationsHuman Resources/Finance TransactionalStudent Analytics

(V) = Visualizations

*The functionality is available, but may be limited due to Boise State’s current technology platform.

Determine which self-service BI tool is right for you

Select which statement you most agree with to determine which business intelligence tool is right for you.

I explore data and want to slice and dice

  • Start in OAC or Data Visualizer.

I create custom calculations

  • Start in OAC or Data Visualizer.

I create list reports and pivot tables

  • Start in OAC or OTBI.

I mainly create charts

  • Start in Data Visualizer.

I create a mix of lists and charts

  • All self-service tools will work for you.

I have existing skills

  • Start in the tool you know.

Additional Information

Learn about the business intelligence tools supported by BIRS.

Access specific reports

Request reporting access

Learn how data is sourced and curated for the different tools

Visit the Data Cookbook Tools

Where can I find more support and resources?

Visit the BIRS Resources and FAQs page