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Resources and FAQs

BIRS partners with the Help Desk and Production Support to provide timely customer service and support.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions below for information on utilizing these teams for assistance.

Self-service resources and training tools

Additional self-service resources and training tools include:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to start?

Start by visiting Boise State Reporting.

This dashboard allows quick access to Boise State’s more widely used reports and dashboards, along with links that will take consumers directly to the MyInsights reporting tool, the Data Cookbook, and other reporting resources.

More reporting options can be found in the reporting catalogs.

How do I access reporting catalogs?

If you want to view reports beyond those found directly at Boise State Reporting, you will need to access the reporting catalogs.

There are two different catalogs:

  1. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI). The reports and dashboards in this catalog contain HCM, finance, and sponsored program data. Navigation: Bronco Hub -> My Organization -> Reports and Analytics -> Browse Catalog
  2. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). The reports and dashboards in this catalog contain student data, and some finance, HCM, and sponsored program data. Navigation: Boise State Reporting -> Catalog

What is the difference between reports and dashboards in OTBI and OAC?

OTBI: The reports and dashboards are developed directly from source tables and the data is real-time. Modifications to these reports and dashboards require a developer.

OAC: The reports and dashboards are developed using data that has been extracted from the source system, transformed, and loaded into data warehouse tables before being used in reporting tools. The reports and dashboards developed in this tool have self-service options so consumers can modify, slice, and dice the data, and save versions of reports to their own folders (titled ‘My Folder’) in the catalog.

(The data in OAC is not real-time, and there is versioned data available for student data. Some modifications in OAC may require a developer.)

What if I get an error when I run a report?

1. Are you receiving an error or a ‘no results’ message?

  • No results can mean there aren’t results for the selected parameters or criteria.
  • No results can mean you don’t have access to the data in the output of the report.

2.  Have you checked Boise State Reporting for scheduled outages or maintenance windows?

3.  Have you used the report before and verified you have access to the data?

4.  Are all required parameters and criteria selected and appropriate for the output?

5.  Have you closed your browser and cleared the cache?

6.  Submit a Help Desk Self-Service ticket to Production Support

  • Provide your answers to questions 1-5
  • Provide the navigation to the report
  • Provide the parameters/criteria you used for running the report
  • Provide screenshots of the error message

What if the data looks incorrect in a report?

After checking your report, please submit a Help Desk Self-Service ticket to Production Support. Production Support will check the OTBI/OAC models and the data load to determine where the data quality issue is occurring.

If everything matches the data source and the data source itself is incorrect, Production Support will escalate the issue to the data source team. The data source team may fix the issue or they may indicate an alternate option to meet your reporting needs.

If the data quality issue lies in the development of the report, and substantial development is required for the fix, the Production Support team will forward the ticket to the BIRS team.

What if I can’t find the report I need?

If you have searched the Data Cookbook and  Boise State Reporting and cannot find what you need, please submit a data request through the data request form on Boise State Reporting. Please review the Project Workflow on Our Services page.

What if I want to request a change or enhancement to a report?

If the report is not producing an error, and you would like to make a change or request an enhancement, submit a request through the data request form on Boise State Reporting. Please review the Project Workflow on Our Services page.

What if I need training on how to run a report?

  1. Please see the self services resources and training tools at the top of this page.
  2. Is there a job aid or Data Cookbook specification for the report? (If available, they will show up when you click on the report link.)
  3. Is there a contact in your department or in a similar position who you can reach out to for help?
  4. Submit a Help Desk Self-Service ticket to Production Support.

What if I need training on how to use the data in a report?

The Data Cookbook provides data definitions that may help better understand the data in a report. If you are unable to answer your questions using the Data Cookbook, please contact the department or data steward for the type of data you are consuming.

Does Boise State have a data visualization tool like Tableau or Power BI?

Yes. Boise State has Oracle Data Visualizer. For more information, contact the BIRS team at

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