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Beyond Boise State

Unified Career Marketing Platform

A new message strategy and unified marketing platform called Beyond Boise State provides tools and resources to communicate the value of exploring career pathways and academic offerings that can lead to a career.

Platform Goal

Boise State Graduate taking selfie on camera phone

The goal of this marketing platform is to produce consistent messaging and a unified graphic identity throughout campus and across all academic units.

The strategy is designed for:

  • prospective students
  • current students
  • recent graduates and alumni
  • parents and families

Branded Templates available on Marq

  • Digital screens
  • Social media
  • Posters
The components of the campaign help your audience better understand the purpose of your event or program.

Message Structure


Beyond Boise State


Career (add attribute) for Every Student

  • By applying the subheading in our messaging, we define what the word “beyond” means.
  • The interchangeable attributes help reinforce awareness of a student’s customized journey.
  • Attributes: Exploration, Planning, Experiences, Opportunities, Support, Connections

Messages for Each Audience