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Jasco J-810 Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeter


The Jasco J-810 Spectropolarimeter (163-900 nm) is a hybrid instrument consisting of a variable wavelength polarimeter and absorption spectrophotometer. It is designed to allow secondary structure determination by circular dichroism; specifically measuring the left-and right-handed circularly polarized light of optically active molecules.  It is equipped with a computer-controlled Peltier device (3-90 °C) and a two-syringe titrator to assess thermal/chemical stabilities of proteins/ polypeptides or to monitor ligand binding and  is controlled by Jasco’s Spectra Manager software.

CD applications include:

  • Determination of optical purity
  • Estimation of protein and nucleic acid conformation
  • Determination of the conformational changes of protein and nucleic due to molecular interactions
  • Structural comparison between wild-type and mutant proteins
  • Determination of the thermodynamically dependent folding and unfolding of proteins and nucleic acids
  • Determining the binding constants
  • Kinetics of folding and unfolding of macromolecules
  • Thermodynamic parameters from temperature dependencies of CD signals

Use and Management

The purpose of this instrument is to support research at Boise State University and surrounding research facilities.  First-time users please contact the BRC for information on training and access requirements. Qualified users will be able to book instrument time and use the instrument independently.

Circular Dichroism References:

For rate information please see  BRC Recharge Rates found here

Please contact Dr. Lisa Warner at 208-426-2260 or by email at  for more information.