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Professional Headshots at the Career Fair

Student smiling at a camera while having a professional headshot taken

Take advantage of this opportunity to receive a FREE professional headshot courtesy of Career Services. Use your headshot to upgrade your LinkedIn profile and create a stronger personal brand and professional online presence everywhere you use a profile photo.

The photo booth will be open the same hours as the Career Fair. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the end of the event.

If multiple photos were taken, the photographer will select the best photo of you. The finished photos (1 per person) will be distributed approximately 3-4 weeks after the event via the Career Services Facebook page. You will receive an email with further instructions on accessing your photo.

Please note that professional headshots are only available to Boise State students and alumni.

Tips for Getting a Good Photo

  • When making decisions about attire, hair, makeup, or accessories, consider your career goals. How do people in your career field typically dress and style themselves for work? For your photo, a good guideline is to dress how you would for an interview for a job in your field.
  • Also consider your personal brand when making decisions about your appearance. Your brand is the professional image you want to portray, so your photographic image needs to reflect and reinforce that brand.
  • Practice your expressions in the mirror! Smiling on command is not a natural thing for everyone. Work on becoming familiar with what a particular expression feels like when you make it so you can replicate it without looking in a mirror.
  • Remember that a headshot is usually cropped tightly on your face, and will only show a little bit of your neck, chest, and shoulders. Consider what will show up in the photo when you plan what to wear.  Put on your outfit and look in the mirror to make sure everything will look right, keeping in mind all profile photos will be cropped to a square or circle.
  • Keep the focus on your face by avoiding clothing with prints and textures, which can be distracting.

Where to use your professional photo

  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • BroncoLink, your built-in network of Boise State alumni and employers
  • Your Handshake profile
  • The email account you will use in your job search
  • Your profile for professional associations you’re a member of (Did we mention you should join professional associations for your career field as a student to strategically build your network?)
  • Any online portfolios or websites you have
  • Any social media platforms you use for professional purposes or to promote your brand
  • Your Zoom, Google, Skype, or other accounts you may use for video interviews

Remember, your online presence is everything you have online, not just what you’re actively using in your job search. Make sure any photos you’re using elsewhere are consistent with your brand and something you’d want employers seeing.