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Career Planning

Student talking to employer at Career Fair

As you know, a degree alone is not enough to make you employable. Employers have higher-than-ever expectations of college grads, and being employable today means having the right skills, the right experiences outside the classroom, and a strong professional network, in addition to a degree that is appropriate for the career field you plan to pursue.

That means you need a plan. Remember, regardless of what’s in demand, YOU can be in demand if you make a plan and make your college experience count!

In order to make a career preparation plan, you’ll need to know two main things: what types of skills and experiences will be required and will make you competitive in the career field you plan on pursuing, and what opportunities are available to gain those skills and experiences. In this section, you’ll be able to learn about what all employers expect, access resources to begin exploring what’s most important in your career field, and identify types of opportunities you might take advantage of.

How would you like to get help?

Option 1: Take an online, interactive workshop at any time. Learn how and where to get information on what employers expect, what you’ll need to do to prepare for your chosen career, the opportunities available to gain skills and experiences, and how to create a career preparation plan.

Take a Virtual Workshop

Option 2: Access an online resource. This page will explain the resources available and what to use them for.

Access Online Resources

Option 3: Make an appointment or email Career Services. Want personalized assistance? Make an appointment with Career Services. Phone and video appointments available. Just have a simple question you can’t find the answer to? Use this form and we’ll respond via email.

Make an Appointment

Option 4: Drop-in for quick help. 15-minute drop-in sessions are available during certain times.

Come to Drop-Ins

Option 5: Email Career Services. Just have a simple question you can’t find the answer to, or want a resume or cover letter reviewed via email? Use this form and attach your documents.

Email Career Services