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New Student FAQ

Here you will find answers to some of the questions most frequently asked by new students at Boise State University and in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.


Starting Your College Career at Boise State

I don't know anything about Boise, Idaho.  Where can I get more information?

Please visit our About Boise page to learn more about our great city!

I want to check out the campus.  Can I book a tour?

Yes, the Boise State University Admissions Department offers a variety of campus tours and visits.  Please look at the Campus Visit page to sign up!

Does Boise State offer concurrent enrollment courses?

Yes, Boise State offers concurrent enrollment courses in most areas of study, including chemistry. To see what schools and courses offer concurrent enrollment, visit the Participating High Schools, Courses, and Instructors page on the Boise State Concurrent Enrollment page.

How do I apply to Boise State?

Please visit the Boise State Admissions page to apply to Boise State University. Deadline information is available on this page as well.

Will Boise State accept concurrent enrollment credit from another school?

Yes, any concurrent credit you receive in high school from a different college or university will transfer to Boise State as if you had taken the course at that school. Please be aware that a transfer equivalency is done on all courses being transferred to Boise State. Not all courses may transfer in as the same credits. To view what your classes will transfer as, you can look in the Boise State Transfer Equivalency System (TES).

How do I know if and what AP or IB courses will count as?

You can see what scores are required and what courses AP and IB tests count for on the Credit for Prior Learning page on the Registrar’s Office webpage. For chemistry, you will receive CHEM 101 credit for a score of 3 on the AP test, and CHEM 111 credit for a score of 4. For the IB chemistry HL test, if you get a 4, you will receive credit for CHEM 111. All laboratories count as CHEM 100XF credit until the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry can evaluate a syllabus or laboratory notebook.

How do I know what my credits will count as if I am transferring to Boise State from another college or university?

You can view what credits will count as in the Boise State Transfer Equivalency System (TES). If you have a credit that is not in the system, the Registrar’s Office will review your transcript and complete an equivalency.

How do I learn about Boise State housing?

To view and apply for all Boise State housing options, visit the Boise State Housing and Residence Life webpage. Boise State has a variety of residence halls and off-campus housing. This page will include how to apply for Boise State housing, and the associated costs.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Program

How do I declare my major once accepted to Boise State?

You can declare your major on your myBoiseState student page. For step-by-step instructions, please visit the Change My Major page on the myBoiseState Help page.

What is an emphasis?

In the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, all students in our program get a degree in chemistry and least one emphasis based on what you want to do after you graduate from Boise State. We offer five different emphases: ACS Certified Biochemistry, Biochemistry, Forensics, Secondary Education, and ACS Certified Professional. To learn more about our emphases, go to our Advising page.

What courses are required for a degree in chemistry?

To view what classes are required to get a B.S. in Chemistry at Boise State, visit the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry page on the Undergraduate Catalogs webpage.

What is required to get a minor in chemistry?

Please visit the Minor in Chemistry requirements on the Undergraduate Catalogs webpage.

Additional Resources and Opportunities

What resources are available for help with chemistry courses?

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has the Chemistry Instructional Center, a free drop-in tutoring center. They assist with chemistry courses from General Chemistry through Biochemistry. Many chemistry classes also offer a learning assistant (LA) and/or study sessions specific to that course. All chemistry instructors hold office hours which you can attend with questions. You can also request a private tutor through the Department of Chemistry ( Private tutoring does have a cost associated with it. For other departments and campus tutoring resources, please visit the Learning Assistants and Drop-in Tutoring page on the AASC webpage.

How do I find job opportunities in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry?

We email and post all student employment opportunities on the Chemistry Majors Canvas site. Every year, there are opportunities for student employment in laboratory instruction and in the chemistry stockroom and Chemistry Instructional Center. Please visit our Student Opportunities page for more information.  For all student employment positions available at Boise State, please visit Handshake.

How do I find an internship?

We email and post all chemistry specific internship opportunities on the Chemistry Majors Canvas site. For all Boise State internships, visit the Internship Information page on the Career Services webpage.

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