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CI+D Stories – Andrea Semple & UX Research

Andrea smiling at the camera, sitting at the Starbucks in the Boise State SUB

Meet Andrea Semple! Andrea is a Senior Anthropology student who just recently completed CI+D’s UX Research Certificate.

When we heard about Andrea’s fantastic capstone project, we knew we wanted to hear more about what the UX Research Certificate has meant for her.

UX seems to be pretty new industry. To you, what is UX Research and why is it important?

“UX Research is the communication between the stakeholder of a company and to the people who any change or addition will affect. It’s making a communication and recommendation to that stakeholder based on what you see as a positive, negative, and their opportunities.

It’s important to me because it gives a bridge between two groups of people who could have some serious lines of communication and bias along the way. It’s a way to help eliminate bias in decision making and be a neutral, objective, perspective of what you’ve researched and what you’re reporting.”

First of all, how did you get involved with the UX Program?

“Dr. House came in to one of the classes I was in and gave a quick 5-10 minutes spiel in a class I was in. I actually walked very blindly into the whole thing.”

Walking into it blindly is quite the step of faith! How did it end up, what were some of your favorite things about the program?

“I really enjoyed knowing that in the end, you’re able to work for a company and help them better themselves, but at the same time, you’re able to represent people who may not have a great voice. Every research project was different, which kept me entertained knowing I’d be facing something new.”

Those are some really insightful thoughts. It’s great that you can work within a business, but it seems you can anchor them in some more ethical practices as they pursue product design. Where would you like to go with UX from here?

“It [UX] really was a game-changer for me. It was a career game-changer. To be similar work as anthropology but to do so in a company, that’s exciting. I would like to get work and get settled with a company – and in the future, pursue a master’s once my thoughts are settled. I would love to work in career and then pursue some more specialization behind it.”

Finally, why would you recommend the UX Certificate?

“The program is very understandable, as it is fully online. I would recommend it if anybody wants to get into a career that they are fascinated with research, and it’s great because it’s such a new industry. It leads to roles that gives you the opportunity to be creative. Every project is different, so you get to flex your creative energy.”

We’re thankful for Andrea’s insights! If you have any questions about the UX Research certificate, check out more at

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3 people in front of a projected powerpoint. Andea Semple, David Jeppson, and Shawn Miller
Andrea Semple presents her capstone findings to stakeholders, David Jeppson and Shawn Miller.