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CI+D Stories – Liz Altmiller & GIMM

For this #CIDStories, we are excited to hear from Liz Altmiller! Liz is a CI+D Alum of the GIMM major who is now doing some incredible work in User Experience Design. We have loved reflecting on Liz’s time at BSU and celebrating the experiences GIMM brought along the way. Let’s get to it!

Liz and her team working on the NASA suits challenge

Conversation with Liz

How and when did you get involved in the College of Innovation + Design?

“I’m part of the “inaugural cohort” of GIMM, and found out about it originally through a BSU email about the new major. I knew it was exactly what I was looking for: a combination of art, programming, and design thinking.”

That’s quite the combination! I’m sure it wasn’t easy. What was the most challenging thing you studied in CI+D?

“The most challenging thing I studied at CI+D was Anthony Ellertson’s GIMM 110 class. It’s a very in-depth class, and teaches a LOT of basic object oriented programming principles that I was utterly unfamiliar with at the time. It was a challenge worth the time, and has re-enforced the idea of the joy of the struggle. It’s an odd idea, and it really never gets easier, but you learn to find delight in small victories along the way.”

Love that. In something as challenging as GIMM, it seems like those small victories are crucial. Could you share some of those victories? What was your favorite thing about studying at BSU?

“Hm. My favorite thing about studying at BSU was the passion of the faculty in their areas, and the camaraderie of my fellow students. I’ve made friends for life, and have great memories of learning and growing together. I have something amazing to look back on, and also to push me forward to new adventures! Haha!”

Amazing! Speaking of new adventures, what are you doing for work now, and how was it influenced by your studies at BSU?

“I’m a User Experience Design contractor, with a primary focus on VR/AR/XR games and training simulations. I was absolutely influenced by BSU in my work from many classes and professors, including GIMM, CI+D as a whole, and many other wonderful classes including Media Production, Art History, Liberal Arts, and UF classes. I’d shout out to some professors, but I fear the list would be a bit extensive. They know who they are! I’m very thankful for all I’ve learned from the talented and passionate faculty at BSU.”

That’s great to hear. It certainly seems like the UX Design field is having a moment right now. Thank you so much for sharing, Liz! Final question: Why would you recommend programs or majors from CI+D?

“I would recommend classes and majors from CI+D because it encourages out of the box thinking, and a combination of team work and individual choices, allowing students to experiment with what kind of work they want to do, how to interact with peers and mentors, and why constant learning and communication is essential to a full life. I hope that CI+D, GIMM, and BSU as a whole is able to retain it’s tight-knit atmosphere with all the changes that are brewing, right now.”

As described earlier, Liz is currently working as a UX Design contractor. Portfolio and contact information can be found at