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CI+D Stories – Barbe Tom & LEAD

Due to the circumstances of this season, it’s been quite hard for us to conduct our favorite in-person interviews in order to share the stories of some of our incredible students. However, we are incredibly excited to share this #remote version of #CIDstories, featuring Barbe Tom of LEAD!

Barbe Tom - LEAD featured student

Let’s get this started!

What led you to consider Boise State?

Two of my siblings have graduated from Boise State University so it came naturally to me that this way was a top option. Although there were other schools I was interested in (vocational school), at least for the start of my undergraduate career I thought Boise State was a good starting point.

That’s so cool to see the family history surrounding BSU and how it seemed to be the obvious choice. What has that choice led to, and what has your time at BSU looked like?

My time at BSU started off rocky but has gotten a lot better. At first I came in with no clue as to what my degree was going to be and no friends due to me moving to a new state right after high school. Although, after three years of attendance I feel as though I am on the right track of what degree I want to pursue, the people I am surrounded by, and what career I want to go for after graduation.

Amazing. Thanks for sharing that. So – let’s get into LEAD, how did you decide to pursue the LEAD certificate?

During a meeting with my sorority Alpha Pi Sigma my sister, who is an Alum, Vero had asked to come in and talk to us about a new class Boise State was offering. During the meeting the Lead course had caught my eye and after a series of questions I went to my advisor to ask how I can modify my schedule to fit them in. Turns out I had already had my foot in the door as I had participated in the Alternative Break my spring semester that year. So from there it was set in stone to start working towards the Certificate of Leadership and HR.

What has been your favorite aspect of the program?

My favorite aspect of the program is the confidence they help us become aware in ourselves. I have not had a single class while in this course that allowed me to give up or look down on myself in anyway. If I needed a little more help or pushing there was always someone there for a boost. I enjoyed the support system this course had created inside the classroom.

That’s great! We love the support Boise State faculty offer to their students. So – finally – why would you recommend the LEAD certificate or other CI+D courses?

I would recommend it to anyone for a whole lot of reasons. Any person on campus can benefit from this course because it offers a time of self reflection. By working on themselves it will by default help the surrounding community as well. This course definitely brings out the leadership qualities that reside in everyone.

Thanks for sharing, Barbe! We loved hearing the story of your experience with LEAD and wish you the best. For more information on the certificate and course options, check out