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Enhance Your Degree with a Certificate

The College of Innovation + Design offers a suite of specialized certificate programs designed to complement and enhance your degree. Ideal for current and prospective students looking to gain an edge in their careers, our certificates provide the opportunity to deepen expertise and open new professional pathways in a rapidly evolving job market.



Immerse yourself in the world of Unoccupied Aerial Systems with the Drone Operations certificate. This program equips you with the skills to become a licensed drone operator, mastering cutting-edge techniques for a variety of applications from environmental monitoring to commercial use.

  • Certificate of Drone Operations for Visualization, Research, and Resource Management
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Google Career

Transform your career prospects with the Google Career Certificates program. Dive into in-demand fields like IT support, data analysis, and project management through flexible, industry-recognized courses designed to rapidly boost employability and tech proficiency.

  • Project Management for All Certificate
  • IT Support for All Certificate
  • Data Analysis for All Certificate
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Society for Ideas

Unleash your creative potential with Society for Ideas. This certificate program offers unique learning experiences through innovative thinking and practical creativity, equipping you with the skills to turn imaginative ideas into impactful real-world solutions.

  • Certificate of Innovation & Design
  • Certificate of Content Production
  • Certificate of Creative Influence
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UX Design

Step into the dynamic field of User Experience with the UX Design certificate. This program provides a foundation in user-centered design, teaching you to create intuitive and impactful digital products using the latest tools and methodologies in UX/UI design.

  • Certificate of User Experience (UX) Design
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