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Think Outside the Classroom

The College of Innovation + Design is proud to offer a range of opportunities that take learning beyond traditional academic settings. Whether you’re seeking to engage in real-world applications of your studies or develop essential skills for the future, these extracurricular programs provide innovative hands-on learning opportunities.



Boise State Esports is a scholarship-supported pathway to success that enhances student retention, hand-eye coordination, and STEM interests. With a state-of-the-art training and broadcast center, the Esports team sets the benchmark in the collegiate arena as they represent Boise State on the virtual blue turf with skill, strategy, and sportsmanship.

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With a dedicated focus on accessibility, Onramp extends its reach to underrepresented learners in technology fields, fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment while empowering Idaho’s educators. The program plays a crucial role in workforce development, blending community, creativity, and coding to shape the future of Idaho’s workforce.

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Venture College

Venture College is an entrepreneurial incubator that supports the business ambitions of students and the campus community. Offering hands-on training, mentorship, and unique startup experiences, the program is designed to empower participants to discover their entrepreneurial passion and bring innovative ideas to fruition.

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