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Presidential Innovation Awards

2024 Winners




Kristin Olson, Ashley Nichols, Andy Giacomazzi, Staff

This staff-faculty trio created Conflict Support Services, an impactful experiential learning opportunity that helps students learn to solve problems. Through this program, Boise State students, primarily those who live in student housing, connect with peers trained in the Conflict Management Program who provide conflict coaching, facilitate conversations and mediate disputes. Students receiving the services are introduced to a field of study and opportunities for earning a certificate, if they are interested.




Jared Talley, Faculty

Talley’s research focuses on community collaboration in the environmental governance of the American West. He received a Resource Nexus for Sustainability Grand Challenge award this year. This interdisciplinary initiative elevates societally relevant questions around finite and critical resources, sustainability and community needs. He led the team that focused on regenerative ranching and carbon project potential in Idaho, seeking to better understand how diverse communities relate to the land and how this relationship poses both obstacles and opportunities for collaboration and governance.




Makena Chase, Student

Chase single-handedly founded the Special Olympics Club at Boise State. She pioneered this path for student involvement by reaching out to deans, publishers, student clubs, faculty organizations and other groups to inform students of the opportunity. She also raised almost $500 for the initiative during Bronco Giving Day. This is just the beginning of the positive impact this organization will have.

Call for Nominations

Each winter the campus requests for nominations. The Presidential Innovation Awards at Boise State recognize excellence in innovation from across the Boise State campus. Awards celebrate the following:

  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Creative efforts that lead to success and well-being
  • Imaginative approaches to problem-solving
  • Evidence of experimentation and growth mindset

Award Details

  • There may be multiple awards
  • Winners receive $1,000 cash award
  • Work spotlighted at the Employee Recognition Breakfast on April 16
  • Winner portraits will be posted on the “Innovators Wall of Fame” in CI+D

Nomination Process

Faculty, staff, administrators, and students may be nominated for the Presidential Innovation Award. Self nominations are accepted. Any innovation developed/implemented in the last three years is eligible.

Additional background info

Meet the 2023 Innovation Award Winners

Innovation Network Steering Committee

Convened by CI+D, the Innovation Network Steering Committee met through the fall semester to develop a draft Innovation Statement that might help guide efforts to implement Goal 2 of the Strategic Plan–”Innovating for Institutional Impact.” That draft statement will be circulated with faculty, staff, administrators, and students in Spring 2023 for feedback. It reads:

Innovation at Boise State is change-making. It aims to improve the success, well-being, and self-efficacy of students, faculty, staff, and the communities they serve.

Innovation at Boise State is driven by imaginative approaches to problem-solving by students, faculty, and staff.

Innovation at Boise State is supported, encouraged, and rewarded by decision-makers through the allocation of resources and recognition.

Innovation at Boise State accepts experimentation, risk-taking, testing, and failure.

Innovation at Boise State is possibility made real.

Innovation Network Steering Committee Members

  • Jill Annie Margaret, School of the Arts
  • John Barrie, Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance
  • Serena Morales, College of Education
  • Alyssa Reynolds, School of Social Work
  • Sage Rust, Office of the Provost
  • Anthony Saba,  eCampus
  • Gabriel Stephens, Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Jared Talley, School of Public Service
  • Amy Vecchione, eCampus
  • Facilitator: Jen Schneider, CI+D